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Cash Loans For Collateral

Easy Loans with no reflection on your credit rating! There is never any credit check, and we are not affiliated with any bank. Loans made from Majestic Jewelry & Loan will never affect your credit score or be determined by your credit history. While our specialty is jewelry, we loan on other items such as musical instruments, video game systems, and select electronics such as computers or digital cameras.

Short-Term Cash Loans

Majestic Jewelry & Loan is a licensed Pawnbroker Creditor and makes short-term cash loans for collateral contracts for a period of up to 4 months with a 10-day grace period (CA State Lic. #1005-0997). Annual percentage rates and finance charges are applied to your loan based on the length of time which has passed since the date the loan was granted to the borrower. Other fees may apply such as loan processing and merchandise storage charges.

Strictly Confidential

We are reliable, third generation pawnbrokers. All loans are strictly confidential, and our loan forms are computerized for your convenience. Our pawnbrokers will be happy to answer any questions you may have about obtaining a collateral loan from Majestic Jewelry & Loan.

If You Can’t Hack It… Hock It!℠

Fresno’s oldest family-owned pawn shop since 1949